Blue Knights

The God of Hockey Sticks had to choose Whether the Knights should win or lose So they made their rule Which was so cruel That left the Knights with the blues Ok, weak limerick I know, but I am left with the distinct feeling that the Windsor Knights Roller hockey team is beholding to the hockey gods. The sheer effort and passion shown by the Knights players, should get a better result. It's not for the want of trying.

Every time they venture onto the rink the positivity flows through them and they get knocked down again, yet they rise again for the next game. Today's event was a cup game and our valiant knights were up against the Spitfires. I have a hunch that the lads and lasses felt that they were clambering out of the trenches as they entered the rink. That spirit! Makes one proud to be British. And it was lovely to see Ben Fisher help us out with his uncanny talent of scoring goals. So, not much to say about this game other than it was a foul and penalty ridden affair and we came second again with the score of 2 - 9.

The game was at a consitant pace with the puck sharing both halves equally. It was just a bit unlucky to my thinking, plenty pf shots from both sides, I blame those Hockey Gods! Two great goals from Hannah Driver and Ben Fisher lifted the mood. However, even though we suffered another loss, a good time was had by all and the fan base was out in full, and the bloke with the hooter got in a few toots, so he was happy. Best to put that one behind us!

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