Early start but still asleep

Author: Adrian Millward

Photo: BRHA

Getting up at unearthly hour on a Sunday morning to watch the Windsor Knights play hockey, I notice the energy and vigorous youth of the Dunamis Dynamite players, reminding me of what it was like when I didn't have to drink on Saturday nights. Although our Knights did look a touch Sunday morningish, they went out to meet the Dynamites with their usual enthusiasm, the Knights conceded a few goals before Darren Eldrige whopped in a belter of a goal in the first period.

But alas, the rest of the game was spent in the Knights half defending, despite an excess of effort, no more goals came our way. Ollie Dixon, the Knights Goal Minder, saved some cracking attempts at his goal and of all the players, it was he that was worked hardest, and got a stick to his mouth for his efforts. So the result was Dynamite 14-1 Knights. Never mind, there is another game later this morning for our boys to make amends. After a much needed rest, our lads kitted up again for the Scapegoats, who have the reputation of being the best team in the area. Even though our lads knew that this game was a formality, met the opposition with spirit. But even so, we can say say that the result was only academic.

The winner was the game itself, two teams who gave their all. Pursued the heart of hockey and walked away with their heads held high. For those who like to keep score, the result was that the Knights came second in this encounter 19-0. After Owen Warne's coming together in the Pre Splits last month, where he sprained his wrist and chipped his tooth, I managed to acquire a couple of cold compresses and some clove oil just in the happenstance of another incident. It has been noted that not one of the players twisted nor sprained anything and not one cracked tooth was presented. Honestly, I needn't have bothered. The player of the day must go to Ollie Dixon as he saved a lot more goals than he let in.

He was surely tested today. Mentioned in despatched are Darren Eldridge for scoring our only goal and also to Eddie Carson whose pace and shots on goal were impressive. If only the opposition goal minder had not most inconveniently got in the way, Eddie would have scored dozens. And also Owen Warne, because although still injured he stood up to the plate! I suppose as a loyal fan of the Windsor and Slough Knights roller hockey team, that I am behoved to be possitive with such a result! And possitivity it is! Because all of the physical exertions of this mornings game built up a wonderful thirst for the post match beers and a good appetite for a hearty lunch! Onward we go to the next game!

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