Knights fend off the Dogs

This was an exciting game to watch. Competing for the prestigious League Cup, the Banbury Bulldogs came with a good reputation, young but well motivated. the Knights played with their usual passion.

In the first period, the Knights wunderkind, Chris Hocquigny scored after 37 seconds only to be followed less than a minute later by a goal by equally talented Ben Fisher. The Bulldogs regrouped and took a goal back after 6 minutes. John Nicholson gave the third goal with Owen Warne scored the Knights forth.

The second period was more frenetic than the first. Ben Fisher conceded a 1.5 minute technical penalty by swearing at ref. Both teams fought hard for the control of the puck and the Bulldogs scored their second goal of the game. In less than a minute later Chris Hocquigny scored his second goal of the evening.

The third period was contested mainly in the Bulldogs half, their keeper kept busy throughout as signs of fatigue had set in. The Bulldogs did well not to concede any more goals, though not for the want of trying by the Knights. Full time score rested at 5 goals to 2 in favour of the Windsor and Slough Knights. All the players had made their mothers proud today.

Author: Adrian Millward

Photos: BRHA

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